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You say you want a High Line for Queens......
Updated: Dec 29, 2013 Ivy H
You say you want a High Line for Queens......

But you also claim that the "Queensway" as a bike route is almost essential so that the people of Queens can get to Trader Joe's safely, and farm on the roof of Home Depot safely, and travel to Elmhurst safely....

The High Line in Manhattan does not allow bicycle riding. How many of you proponents would still be excited about a "Queensway" without bikes?

If you look online for information about shared pedestrian/bicycle greenways elsewhere, they always show a separation between the walking and biking areas, for the safety of all. This kind of set-up takes up way more room than exists in most of the Right-of-Way. What if biking were to be eliminated from the plan? Would you still be hot to do this thing? Because you really don't have room for both, except in the ravine.... I say this as someone who has actually walked the streets on either side of the private homes abutting the ROW and looked down the driveways and measured the width of overpasses. Have you been there yet?


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