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What are the opportunities for safety and security measures along the QueensWay?
Neighbors to another Queens park finally get help
Updated: Jan 11, 2014 Ivy H
Neighbors to another Queens park finally get help

Please check out this article about Highland Park:


Here's what they're going to do:
"Later this year officers will make daily patrols through the park at 8:30 PM and tell people to leave by 9PM when it closes."

Wow. Thanks for the help.

The "Queensway" proponents are going to say, Told ya, the police will take care of it. But the plan for Highland park doesn't really sound all that effective.

As for the "Queensway," adjacent residents will have to endure the inevitable problems for an unknown amount of time, in a much narrower space, and try to draw attention to them and try to get action-- with no guarantee of success. Right now we have no problems with this lovely sliver of forest. And we like it that way.

Why is it up to people who don't have to deal with the consequences to change that? I truly do not understand how you think you have the right.


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