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Replicating the High Line
Feb 28, 2014 Neil B5

I think drawing constant comparisons with the High Line when referencing the QW is sending out the wrong signals. Though aesthetically striking, the suspicion persits that the High Line is more a case of property speculation simply masquerading as urban beautification much in the same way that Central Park is now proximate to the most expensive real estate in the city/country.

The QW has the potential to be much more functionally adaptive than the High Line and it would be a real shame if the opportunity to transform it into something truely unique and cultrurally reflective was missed. I don't think the QW should become an exercise in replication for it's own sake.

The link below is to an academic paper written by Jennifer Foster who provides a critical perspecitve on nascent green rail conversion infrastructure projects and which makes for interesting reading. Your local library may have free access to research databases.

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