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Nov 12, 2013 Ivy H

Many people border this strip of land that is proposed to be a public park. When I say border, I mean that literally. Our property lines end where the so-called park begins. No street, no sidewalk, nothing separates us. We love this wild strip of land the way it is, full of trees and shrubs and, yes, weeds. Also many species of birds and small animals. What it lacks are humans, and we like it that way. Here is my question: Why do the the plans of other people-- people who are not here every day-- why do their desires trump ours? I don't understand that.

Please, Queensway planners, tell me where you live so that I may cook up schemes for public access, events, sports, foodtrucks(!)-- right in your backyards. It will be great!!! You'll see. And I may come there someday to enjoy it all. But you will live with what I've done, daily, for good or bad. Say good-bye to what you love. I'm taking it for other purposes.

How does that feel?


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