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Rail access is more useful
Nov 11, 2013 Eddie B4

The idea of QueensWay would not benefit the entire metro area, yes, we in Rego Park and surrounding communities would enjoy the park; but I think it's a selfish attitude.
We should bring rail back, either as it was before and connect the Rockaways to midtown, or as a new subway line that would require a new connection to 63rd Drive. This would greatly reduce the costs, since most of new rail construction costs are for land acquisition, the infrastructure is there and we should use it.
Southern Queens has changed from 50 years ago when this ROW was closed, now there's a bigger population in the Rockaways, Ozone Park, and new businesses like Home Depot, The Casino, an expanded JFK, and a heavily congested Woodhaven Blvd.
Woodhaven Blvd needs to be addressed first, we should inmediately add bike lanes to show traffic down, right now it's a danger, and unfriendly to bikers and pedestrians.

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