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What are the intersections and connections across your neighborhood that could be enhanced by the QueensWay?
Provide access at 65th Rd.
Jan 24, 2014 Peter B4

The existing tunnel would enable the QueensWay to pass under the LIRR mainline and a ramp could then be built up to the end of 65th Rd. This would provide a connection in to the commercial heart of Rego Park south of Queens Blvd as well as enable connections north to major shopping malls and Flushing Meadows Corona Park. There is a parking lot at end of 65th that may need to be acquired - not sure if that lot is owned or leased from the City. Alternative is devising a connection directly on to 63rd Drive [from behind Shalimar Diner?] - which in many ways would be preferable but looks like space is very tight and there are conflict issues with pedestrians and cars.


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