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What are the intersections and connections across your neighborhood that could be enhanced by the QueensWay?
Pedestrian Bridge and QW Access Between 64th Rd and Burns St.
Nov 06, 2013 Peter B4

These two streets are currently separated by the QueensWay ROW. A pedestrian bridge linking the two streets would provide numerous benefits to the residents living on either side of the QW and would also make it possible to build a single access point at this point along the QW. Specific benefits to access at this location would be to connect to a route to Juniper Valley Park to the SouthWest along 64th Rd and to connect east into Forest Hills along Burns Street. A pedestrian bridge cited one block east of this location on Burns St crosses the LIRR mainline to 67th Avenue providing access to Queens Blvd and QB subway lines. A pedestrian bridge and QW access would benefit shopping and subway commuter access to QB by QW users and Crescent street residents.

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