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What activities would you like to see along the Queensway? What could you imagine people doing on the route?
Clean up Forest Park.
Nov 14, 2013 Sonia L1

Forest Park is a beautiful park and it has a lot to offer. As it is now, we are not utilizing the park entirely. We have a greenway that needs to be clean up and so many areas don't even have lights. This is the start. The NYC Park Department claims that they do not have the necessary funding for our parks. Why do this organization insists to add more open space? This will make matters worst. There is no protection in the park. Women have been raped there and the police hasn't been able to capture the criminal. The people of 98th Street in Woodhaven have real concerns. As residents and owners of 98th street, the privacy and safety will be jeopardize. If opening more space, the criminals will have even more ways to run, to our backyards. I don't wish this to my worst enemy, but obviously, your organization do not care. Do you want to add more bike space? Then fix that space from Rego Park to Park Lane South. Leave 98th Street alone. You promised to held public forums, not workshops.

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