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What activities would you like to see along the Queensway? What could you imagine people doing on the route?
Can I trade in my points?
Dec 14, 2013 Ivy H

It seems I have 666 points on this website. Wowie-wow-wow. (Let's not read anything satanic into that, ok?) But I want to know, can I trade those points for something of value, like an actual SAY in what may transpire to city property that is adjacent to mine?

The city, btw, has no actual plans for this strip of land that I can find out, after much searching. It is private citizens making these plans for city property and seeking to impose their will on others who have, actually, a greater stake in the outcome.

I have a lot of doubts and fears about this project that you all brush off as fixable/doable. But what if my fears come true? Will it impact you? , no. Will it impact me, my peace, my life, my property? Yes, ma'am. Then why is my opinion so marginalized?

I want value for my 666 points. I want an actual say. And my say is, Leave it alone. It's not bothering anybody. It is valuable as a natural area.

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