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What activities would you like to see along the Queensway? What could you imagine people doing on the route?
Nov 11, 2013 david B125

Forest Hills, Rego Park, and Woodhaven lack bike lanes compared to other areas of Queens an the other boroughs. The QueensWay would be a unique opportunity to create a bike friendly are that is safe and scenic. Linking to Forest Park would also give more people access to this wonderful park. On another note, bike lanes should be created along Woodhaven Blvd (preferably with connection to Shore Parkway Greenway.) Woodhaven Blvd is one of the busiest arteries in the City, and it cuts through many residential neighborhoods. Adding a bike lane would increase the number of people using bikes as transportation since they can ride straight down Woodhaven to the mall or to Trader Joes, and other destinations We need more bike lanes. They are good for the residents of Queens and good for the environment. And maybe they can make Woodhaven Blvd a friendlier place to be around.

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